Wisesky W-cat Air Purifier for Home, Cats' Shedding Season Solution

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Product features
  • Hair-Grabbing Filter Designed for Cats: Multi-gradient filter electrostatic material for efficient interception of floating hair. Disposable primary filter, stick and use, quick and convenient, customized for cats.
  • Wide Grile Inlet 360° Visible:The best home air purifier for cat hair, classic Roman column design, 360° vision, changed for cats. Iron large grille inlet & plastic spraying process, sturdy and scratch-resistant.
  • Pet Friendly: Scientifically tailored with a 7.5mm gap to prevent kittens' paws from getting stuck. The power cord does not contain bitters. 24V low volt - safe even if bitten off.Quiet mode and side airflow.
  • UVC for Cats Health: Deep protection with 254nm uv light.UVC three-dimensional sterilization technology for an added layer of protection, kills 99.9% of germs, caring for the healthy growth of cats. Enhance your cat's well-being further with our specialized air purifier for cat allergies.
  • WiseHEPA™ Filtration System: 2-in-1 combo filter that includes a H13 HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns.

CADR-Pollen: 234 cfm
CADR-Dust: 221 cfm
CADR-Smoke: 216 cfm
Noise Level: 53 dB (max)
Coverage: 1644 sq.ft
HEPA Filter Paper: H13
Product Dimensions: 11.65 x 11.65 x 21.50 inches
Item Weight: 12.3lb

SGS&Intertek certification
User Manual

Designed For Cats Hair

Wide air intake grill designed specifically for cats to prevent hair blockage. 360° fully transparent structure and cat ergonomic design of W-cat hepa air purifier. Replaceable electrostatic fabric pre-filter can adhere cat hair strongly

User's Feedback

Pre-filter absorb so much cat hair within 5 weeks from our user using W-Cat
Ps:Cat hair adsorption effects may vary based on usage environments and cat types; use maximum air volume consistently for optimal results.

Hair-Grabbing WiseHEPA™ Filtration System

Multi-layer filtration system with electrostatic non-woven fabric pre-filter, H13 HEPA, and activated carbon, effectively removes cat hair, allergens, and odors.

SGS certified, cat dander allergen removal rate 95.3%.
Intertek certified, dust mite allergen removal rate 97%.

Caring For Cat's Safety

Cats are not just cherished family members, we prioritize cats' safety and comfort in our product design, ensuring they have a secure and cozy environment.

Deep Protection with UVC & Anion

UVC sterilization technology with 254nm UV light kills 99.9% of germs, promoting cats' health. Over 5 million anions make cat hair smoother and ensure thorough purification.