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Do you have this CAT HAIR SNOW in your house?
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Do you have this CAT HAIR SNOW in your house?

I always wondered one thing, why my cats shedding but never getting bald. It seems like he has countless millions hair, it is like a magic! He is shedding and shedding, from spring to winter, everyday shedding. And I was almost getting crazy because of its shedding. At the beginning, I was very careful with every piece of black shirt I had, trying to keep cat hair off my clothes, but I found that I couldn't get rid of it all, because cat hair floated in the air, on the floor, on my bed, and even in my bowl. I finally gave up and learned to live with cat hair.

But this years, I found that my allergic to cat hair is getting worse! I started getting frequent rashes, and my nose kept running when it is shedding season. The doctor told me that I had a severe allergic reaction to cat hair. If I didn’t change the situation of cat hair flying all over the place, it would even make my asthma worse! I was surprised and sad. I love my cat very much. It has been with me for four years. I can’t abandon it or give it away, but my body can’t continue like this. So I had to find a way to get the best of both worlds!

I was trying different ways to improve shedding problem of my cats! But it all failed. I brushed him once a week, I feed him hairball cream, cat grass, it helps but it is not the solution of the shedding problem.

W-Cat Air Purifier Designed For Cats

One day I saw an air purifier ad on Facebook, it said that W-cat air purifier is just designed for cats shedding problem! I clicked the link immediately to see how it works! After several hours, I think W-cat maybe the savor of me and my cat! So I bought it, I hoped it can save me from this hell!

THANK GOD!!! It works and my cat loves it! I was so afraid that my cat will be terrified by air purifier(I used to bought one but it was so noisy so my cat got scared and had a stress reaction). It is so quiet that I can barely notice its working! At first, he was just a little scared of this strange machine and hid aside, not daring to approach. But after watching for a while and finding no danger, he quietly approached. He habitually stretched out his claws to test it, and found that he was not stuck, and I didn't scold him, so he began to explore carefully! Then he lay on the top of the purifier, and as usual, he lay on the high place to inspect his territory (thank you for letting go of the stool that was already riddled with holes).

But the most important thing is it really absorb the floating hair!!!! I can see there is no more floating hair in my house!! My allergy is getting better! Hurray!!! Life can’t be better any more! It saved my life!

After 1 month using, it amazed me!!!! My home is so dirty? There is so much cat hair? The pre-filter is replacable so it is so easy to change it! I love how easy it works. For a cat owner and both allergic to cat hair, I think W-cat is the best solution!


Now, take the chance! It is on sale now! FREE filters and free shipping!!! It is a must-have for every cat owner!!!

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