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5 Must-know Tips for every cat owner!
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5 Must-know Tips for every cat owner!

Life is getting busier nowadays, when we get back from work, we just want to lay down and just relax, maybe play with our kittens for some time. But every cat owner has faced such scene as countless floating cat hair in the air, kitten vomitted on the floor, skin diseases such as feline tinea that always recur, etc. How to keep your cat healthy and your house clean is a huge problem for the past decades of having a cuttie.

Here is 5 tips for every cat owner!

  1. It's important to brush your cat 3-4 times a week to reduce loose fur. During shedding season, increase the frequency of brushing to help manage excess fur shedding.
  2. During shedding season, it's beneficial to regularly provide your cat with hairball remedies, such as hairball gels, hairball treats, or cat grass, to assist in the expulsion of hairballs from the stomach. This can help prevent vomiting and diarrhea caused by excessive hair ingestion.
  3. Maintain a clean household environment to reduce the risk of skin issues like feline acne, which may occur due to dust, moisture, and bacteria.
  4. Minimize the presence of high-voltage wires, data cables, and other items that cats may chew on and potentially injure themselves.
  5. Cats are sensitive to environmental stress. It's helpful to minimize changes to their living environment and avoid placing noisy appliances near them to prevent undue stress.

We love our cats, but we are exhausted of doing all above. So how can we keep our cats healthy and save more time? We have found you the best solution -- Wisesky W-cat Air Purifier!

Cat Hair Buster -- Designed to absorb floating cat hair

  • Hair-Grabbing Filter Designed for Cats: Multi-gradient filter electrostatic material for efficient interception of floating hair. Disposable primary filter, stick and use, quick and convenient, customized for cats.
  • Wide Grile Inlet 360° Visible:The best air purifier for cat hair, classic Roman column design, 360° vision, changed for cats. Iron large grille inlet & plastic spraying process, sturdy and scratch-resistant.

All for cats safety

  • UVC for Cats Health: Deep protection with 254nm uv light.UVC three-dimensional sterilization technology for an added layer of protection, kills 99.9% of germs, caring for the healthy growth of cats. Enhance your cat's well-being further with our specialized air purifier for cat allergies.
  • Over 5 million anions make cat hair smoother and ensure thorough purification.
  • Pet Friendly: Scientifically tailored with a 7.5mm gap to prevent kittens' paws from getting stuck. The power cord does not contain bitters. 24V low volt - safe even if bitten off.Quiet mode and side airflow.

W-cat: All for cats! Try this innovation air purifier for you and your lovely cat!

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