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Too much cat hair to clean? Let MEOW BUDDY to free your hands!
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Too much cat hair to clean? Let MEOW BUDDY to free your hands!

Every pet owner loves their cuties, but it is a big problem when it comes to the shedding season! There will be cat hair floating on the air, dropping on the floor, your sheet, your coat, almost everywhere. But the allergic to cat hair maybe the toughest——endless sneezing, itchy nose, persistent coughing. How to clean it to keep the room bothered every pet owner. But Wisesky noticed that and create this W-cat air purifier especially for cats! It will be a game changer!

Born to solve cat hair shedding problem

  • Hair-Grabbing Filter Designed for Cats: Multi-gradient filter electrostatic material for efficient interception of floating hair. Disposable primary filter, stick and use, quick and convenient, customized for cats.
  • Wide Grile Inlet 360° Visible:The best air purifier for cat hair, classic Roman column design, 360° vision, changed for cats. Iron large grille inlet & plastic spraying process, sturdy and scratch-resistant.

  • UVC for Cats Health: Deep protection with 254nm uv light.UVC three-dimensional sterilization technology for an added layer of protection, kills 99.9% of germs, caring for the healthy growth of cats. Enhance your cat's well-being further with our specialized air purifier for cat allergies.

At first, you won't figure out how much cat hair in your house actually, but after 30 days using, you will be shocked!

And the annoying cat hair on your sheet or your shirt will be substantially reduced. Life will be so much easier with this W-cat air purifie!

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