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Mommy bought me a ‘friend’, it’s my MEOW BUDDY!
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Mommy bought me a ‘friend’, it’s my MEOW BUDDY!

Hey, I am Max, I am British Shorthair Cat. Mommy always said that I am a shorthair cat but my hair is tooooo long! Well,my hair is always on my mommy’s shirt, carpet, her dishes sometimes, most on the air and the floor. But what can I do, I am just a cute cat!

Last month, mommy was so excited, she told me she bought a friend for me! A friend? Mommy said the friend is Wisesky w-cat air purifier——MEOW BUDDY. I am so curious about my MEOW BUDDY.

Once mommy clicked the button, something happened! My floating hair was sucked into my MEWO BUDDY, but I didn’t hear any loud noise! I am so afraid of big noise so I always hide under mommy’s bed when she uses that annoying vacuum cleaner.

  • Quiet mode & light-off mode, noise under 53 dB
  • Powerful adsorb large floating particles such as pet fur, dust, dander
  • Side airflow, avoid direct blow

I love playing with my MEOW BUDDY! I can lie on the top of it and relax, I can sharpen my claws with grille inlet (shn,don’t tell my mommy!) and my paw won’t be pinched because of the 7.5mm gap! The air is full of negative ions which makes my hair smoother!

  • Cat ergonomic design,comfortable to sit
  • 5mm gap to prevent kittens paws from getting stuck
  • Anti-bite split design, 24V low volt - safe even if bitten off
  • Automatically cut off the power when it tips over

Mommy is right! MOEW BUDDY is my best friend now!!! And mommy doesn’t have to worry about my hair floating everywhere! We all love this W-cat air purifier! Max confirmed!

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