Wisesky has been deeply cultivating the purification technology field for over a decade.We have observed that with the popularity of pet cats, many families face challenges with cat hair and allergens, especially families with children who often suffer from cat allergies. However, the existing home air purifiers on the market do not seem to provide effective solutions for this specific need.
Inspired by this phenomenon, Wisesky's team of experts conducted in-depth research on 1000 cat owners and over 40 pet hospitals, meticulously analyzing the habits and preferences of cats, and after three years of product development, we proudly launched the W-Cat Cat Air Purifier in 2024.


Wisesky W-cat air purifier not only has a wide air intake grill designed specifically for cats to prevent hair blockage but also features a 360° fully transparent structure and cat ergonomic design. In terms of safety, we have adopted a 24V low-voltage design, anti-bite power cord, and a tip-over power-off function to ensure the safety of pets and family members.
Filtration techology, the W-Cat air purifier uses a composite multi-layer filtration system with electrostatic non-woven fabric pre-filter, H13 HEPA, and activated carbon, effectively removing cat hair, allergens (allergen removal rate over 97%), and various odors.
W-cat has also passed allergen testing certification by SGS and Intertek, ensuring the scientific and authoritative nature of the purification effect.
Wisesky is committed to providing a healthier and more comfortable living environment for pet-loving families through innovative technology. The W-Cat Cat Air Purifier is the perfect embodiment of this commitment.

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W-Cat: All for cats!

  • Shedding season Floating Cat Hair killer
  • Wide grille inlet designed to trap cat's long hair
  • Replaceable lectrostatic fabric filter to adhere cats hair strongly
  • SGS certified, allergen removal rate 95.3%
  • Intertek certified, allergen removal rate 97%

Everyone loves Wisesky

The best way to know Wisesky is to listen what our customers' feedback. We have sold thousands over this year in the US, have gained countless positive reviews of W-cat air purifier.

Many customers have praised not only the sleek design but also the outstanding performance in solving cats shedding problem. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as a trusted brand in the market.

While using smart home appliances to optimize the indoor living environment, we advocate jointly protecting nature and optimizing human living conditions from the root.

Wisesky knows that a good product is one that enhances the user's comfort and sense of well-being. Our products adhere to the WUE (Wisesky User Experience) design principle, integrating unseen and unattainable aerospace high technology into home appliances so that technology can change life.

Cat-Friendly Design

Wisesky visited multiple pet hospitals and households to eventually createthe W-Cat air purifier tailored to the comprehensive needs of cats. All for your cats!

Smart App Control

Through Wi-Fi connection and mobile apps, you can remotely monitor and control your Wisesky devices to ensure that your indoor air quality and home water usage are always at their best.

Quality Commitment

Wisesky adheres to the highest quality and reliability standards on all products and follows an End-to-End quality management strategy. Each product is rigorously tested and certified.